10 Benefits of Hosted Voice over IP VS. Alternative Phone Systems - Part 2 of 2

Published Jan 14, 2019

Additional Features

Hosted VoIP can accommodate your requirements due to its flexibility. Moreover, most of the new beginners may require minor features to start-up to maintain cost efficiency. While on the other hand, larger organisations that are well-established will like to utilise many features for better-integrated communication. However, no matter the category you find yourself, securing the vendor that provides complete VoIP additional features is imperative. The prospect can change the communications of your business. Some well-known add-ons you should consider are;

  1. Data Integration- That is a transcription from Voicemail to email
  2. Automated Call Distribution- This add-on comes in handy for higher call volumes or contact centres.
  3. Interactive Voice Recognition- For a faster call routing. Built-In intelligence provides it.
  4. Remote Management- This administration is based on the web. It enables the addition of phone lines.
  5. Chat- This add-on promotes external and internal communications. It is also integrated with Customer Relationship Management tool.
  6. There is also the provision for teleconferencing and video chats

Scalability and Flexibility

It is not always easy to add more phone lines if you are using a PRI or Analog phone service vendor. You will have to spend the time to set up time for installation. Moreover, you will have to make various phone calls with their customer service. Also, you may even spend much time waiting for them. It can be annoying, slow, and expensive. However, with VoIP, your phone lines will be added easily in minutes.

Furthermore, the addition can be done through your management portal at a monthly flat rate. The only things required from you are the skill to do some clicks and a handset. In short, the scalability and flexibility of VoIP are perfect for enterprises. Especially those businesses that have seasonal fluctuations in their staffing. Also, to those companies that are growing fast.

Integration of Data

If you want your customers to experience positive experience, there is the need to have your communications integrated across channels. This means that you have to combine social media, chat, phones, voicemails, email, and other forms of communication with your customers. However, if you choose VoIP that can integrate with the relationship management instrument with your customer, you can gain insight into each customer communication with your enterprise. Such as;

  1. Mobility
  2. Messages from Social media
  3. Transcription from voicemail - email
  4. Chats

The Potential for Unified Business communication

With the help of VoIP vendor, it will be easy to join the Unified Business Communications anytime you want. Moreover, if you put your phones, internet connectivity, add-on services, and single network data, you can gain;

  1. Maximum employee output
  2. Faster troubleshooting
  3. Better customer services
  4. Higher team collaboration
  5. Improved customer satisfaction because of transparency

Saving Costs

VoIP has a great potential to save more costs. At the beginning of the investment, you will have to pay the handset costs. However, your add-on services and phone lines come in a monthly flat-rate. You should also know that VoIP can save money for your organisation in some other areas. In short, you will never, lose productivity in the case of your traditional phone lines going down. You don't have to suffer an embarrassing data breach due to phone tapping.


The commonest benefit that any user of VoIP enjoys immediately switching over is mobility. Furthermore, your phone calls can ring at the same time as mobile and desk phones. It can also unlock your mobile call transferring. Also, it can allow mobile fail-over if by chance your internet connection goes down. However, these benefits depend on your configuration decisions and vendor to succeed.

Furthermore, VoIP benefits are remarkable for Companies whose employees travel greatly or work remotely. It promotes their customer service and productivity. You don't have to pass through the stress of missed or lost voicemails. Furthermore, your employees don't have to juggle a mobile number or desk line.

Customer Service

It is common knowledge that most customers prefer VoIP. Moreover, with the help of its Interactive Voice Recognition System, they don't have to experience bouncing around between representatives. VoIP ensures that they talk directly to the appropriate person at once. Thus, no more busy signals, the quality of their calls will be higher, and they get fast responses to queries.


You will be surprised to find the rate of your productivity when you unlock the VoIP mobility. For instance, your employees will have access to voicemail transcripts through email. This action will help them work on the customer needs faster. Moreover, the calls you will miss will be fewer, and the integration of data can remove any likelihood of confusion.


It is true that changing over to new technology is scary due to the degree of risk involved, VoIP is not like that. VoIP is a platform that is well-established to accommodate business communications. You should rest assured and fear not because, VoIP brings high productivity, more cost savings, and reliability.