A Hosted PBX is the perfect communication tool for your business

Published Nov 5, 2018

For a business to successfully carry out its operations, there must be an effective communication process between all the departments in the organisation. Communication is the soul of a business, and when the communication channel in a business works perfectly, there is bound to be an increase in productivity as well as an overall success for the business.

In recent times, technological advancements have led to the development of more cost-effective ways and tools aimed at improving the flow and quality of communication for businesses, and one of such tool is a Hosted PBX. Now, what exactly is a Hosted PBX? A Hosted PBX is an interactive, internet-based phone system which makes use of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to enable a seamless flow of incoming customer calls and outgoing calls on a VoIP enabled phone among employees in a business or organisation.
Simply put, Hosted PBX is the ideal solution for small and medium-size businesses that need a seamless communication channel for their operations.

What Makes a Hosted PBX Unique

A Hosted PBX has a lot of advantages compared to traditional phones; this awesome tool can deliver similar features as high-end telephone systems at very affordable pricing. With a Hosted PBX, small business owners can save money while providing high-quality customer support services to their clients, courtesy of the advanced functionalities and features.

Some of the advanced features of a hosted PBX phone system include:
o Custom Menus
o Dial By Extension
o Caller ID
o Call Screening
o Call Transfer
o Voicemail
o E-mail Message Delivery
o Web Administration and many more

These features are made available through a dedicated private connection or by an internet connection.

Many businesses that have made the move to a Hosted PBX have found that they have had increase customer satisfaction, reduced wait times on calls and generally calls are answered by the right staff. There are other benefits for businesses to make the move to a Hosted Business Phone System, but the most compelling is the versatility it offers to a business, the ability to work from almost anywhere in the world with an internet connection, to allow for conference calls between customers and staff from multiple departments and locations and so much more.

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