Benefits Of a Hosted PBX To a Business

Published Nov 12, 2018

Hosted PBX services have changed the face of communication in the business world; it has successfully helped small and medium-sized firms bridge the gap which existed between them and their larger counterparts regarding communication solutions. Today, with the aid of a Hosted PBX (also known as a business phone system), small to medium businesses can have a fully equipped phone system similar to that of the large corporations with expensive onsite PABX Phone Systems, but with even more redundancy.

A Hosted PBX has plenty of benefits which can assist to improve businesses communications such as:


With a hosted PBX service, callers can be greeted by a professional voice and then directed to the right department to talk to the right staff members. Calls can also be placed on hold with custom on hold music, that can either engage the customer perhaps calm them if they are waiting in a support queue. Additional features like the ability to transfer callers to different staff extensions as needed is a great way to show professionalism in a business, even when teams are located in different offices.


The primary aim of going into business is to make profit while minimising operational costs. This is very important for any business, and having a Hosted PBX can help to save your business from spending too much on your business phone system, with a monthly cost for the service and a relatively low upfront cost for the handsets required to get started, it is a much better alternative to many of the costly upfront onsite PBX solutions that are also less redundant and often have less features.


Depending on the size, functions, and needs of your business, the number of users on a hosted PBX can increase and decrease as your business requirements change. The pressure of having to decide how many phones and phone lines can be hard for many businesses as these requirements are likely to change as your business develops, this is where a Hosted PBX is the perfect solution as it allows a business phone system to scale according to your business requirements.


Since the main server on which your Hosted PBX is hosted on is managed by the hosting service provider, they are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the system, including replacing or upgrading the servers and you don't have to worry about anything related to maintenance.

All these benefits make a Hosted PBX a great communication tool for all small and medium-sized businesses. MaxoTel is Australia's number one provider of Hosted PBX's and small business phone systems. They are suitable for small businesses, medium-sized and even larger business with hundreds of extension requirements. Our expertise is second to none, and we have a proven track record which speaks volumes of products and services.