Can a Hosted PBX really scale with my business?

Published Mar 26, 2019

One of the most common decisions that business owners have to make when they are starting off or improving their company is what products and services to implement and whether or not they will remain suitable as the business grows. Communications is one of these considerations that is often overlooked and instead most times a solution that will serve for the time being ends up being implemented, not giving much thought to the future business needs. This is typically due to the business being on a budget, a lack of understanding of what is available or not taking into consideration how the business will grow and develop over time.

A Hosted PBX solution when combined with a reliable high speed internet service like the NBN or a business grade Ethernet link is a great way for businesses to guarantee that they have a communications tool that will not only work for their business, but also provide the scalability and new features that the future may require. When considering a business telephone system for your business there should be consideration of the number of users now and in the future, the features that you need now and potentially in the future also. These considerations when accessed early on can allow for a more informed decision and lead to selecting the right business phone system for your business.

Leading Australian Hosted PBX providers like MaxoTel have customers ranging from startups with one to two users, right up to multisite companies that have hundreds of users, all of these businesses have one thing in common, they have a Hosted PBX that is tailored to their business needs. Many of the larger companies started with a smaller number of users and whether by acquisition of opening new branches, they have expanded and so did the number of users. Even with the growth that they experienced they were able to remain using the same phone system, a Hosted PBX that was able to service multiple offices all over Australia, additional users as they scaled the workforce up, and maintain the same call flows that were required for all the different departments. Providing the business communication services to scale seamlessly.

Just as easy it is for a business to grow, there are also times where they need the flexibility to downsize and reduce the number of users too, that is where a Hosted PBX offers the scalability to reduce the number of users almost instantly and not affect the rest of the users experience. This is also a great option for businesses that have contractors that are working for a contracted periods on projects and may only require a temporary PBX extension during those times. A Hosted PBX truly is the most flexible, affordable and scalable business phone solution for any business.

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