Choose the right Hosted PBX Plan for your Business and Get a 30-day Free Trial Today

Published Oct 25, 2018

A growing business needs a quality business telephone system to meet its requirements. A Virtual PBX allows you to manage several incoming phone lines and determine how they route to the many different departments and staff extensions, and is scalable to almost any number of lines that are needed, eliminating the need for fixed phone lines. With a Hosted PBX there is no need to have an on staff IT department either, as most Hosted PBX's are managed, like the one that MaxoTel offer.

Maxo Telecommunications offers 3 hosted PBX plans to help you choose the features that suit your needs.

  • Freedom Hosted PBX Plans start at only $29.95 per month and are perfect for businesses that need the features of a corporate phone system. It can scale from 2 extensions all the way to over a hundred connected devices. Making it the perfect option for most small to medium businesses.

  • P.A.Y.G. Hosted PBX Plans are perfect for businesses that may not make many calls, but still require the features of a corporate business phone system. It is billed per call and can reduce costs of your phone bill up to 50%, providing businesses with a significant cost saving.

  • The Enterprise Hosted PBX Plan is for businesses that require 60 to 3000+ extensions and demand a feature rich phone system. It is the ultimate business phone system that is designed for scalability and with big business communications in mind.

Our plans are designed to grow with your business and are supported by our knowledgeable Australian Support Team. With all our plans, you can manage all aspects of your phone system in real time through our user-friendly customer portal and best of all, you can you access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection to make changes 24/7.

Whether you plan on using a softphone, a desk phone, a conference phone or even a combination of all these, we can provide you the right solution to allow your customers to connect to you in the most convenient and professional way. You can take control of all your calls with conditional diversions, call hold, transfer and so many other features. With our competitive calls rates and multi-site functionality, you really can stay connected around the globe.

Get your 30-day free trial today for our P.A.Y.G. and Enterprise Hosted PBX options by visiting our website at