Does My Business Need a Cloud PBX

Published Sep 28, 2018

MaxoTel Hosted PBX

The telephone and the way in which we communicate in the business environment has changed significantly over the years. Advances in technology have enabled us to transmit messages instantly, and distance is no longer an issue in business, with video and web conferencing. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate and companies that fail to adapt run the risk of being left behind.

The basic telephone function of transporting audio information has remained the same, however; it is the way that this information is transported that has changed. Some companies are opting to stay with their traditional onsite business telephone systems, but technology will render these systems inadequate in time. Systems are switching from analogue to digital, cable to cloud, and are taking business operations to the next level.

Forward-thinking companies are embracing change and are upgrading their phone systems and in turn, are reaping the benefits. The switch to a cloud-based hosted phone system offers a multitude of benefits including superior reliability. Have you ever had your old PBX system fail? Was it days before your system was up and running again? With cloud-based PBX systems, if a server is affected, the system is moved to another server immediately with minimal disruption.


Businesses are engaging hosted PBX providers to reduce capital expenditure, to eliminate the need to continually update their hardware and to obtain greater reliability. Today's modern office phone has many extra features that would have been unfathomable in the past. Some common productivity-enhancing features of a cloud-based PBX system include:

  • Web-based administrator portal

  • Automated attendant or IVR functionality to guide the caller

  • Flexible selection of VoIP enabled phones

  • Advanced voicemail options, including voicemail to email transcription

  • Ring groups and call queues to organise call flows

  • Professional greetings and call screening

  • Integrated video calling

  • Customisable hold music on hold that allows for advertising

  • Call reports

As traditional business phone systems become obsolete, businesses will need to consider their options to remain competitive. Cloud PBX is suitable for businesses of all sizes and comes with a host of great features and scalability that growing companies need. Hosted PBX solutions promote communication, productivity and collaboration and can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

If your business is looking at future growth, then you need a PBX system that will not only support your growth but will grow with you. A cloud PBX will go easy on you financially, and if you experience any technical difficulties, you have dedicated support staff available 24/7 with Maxo Telecommunications.