Has your Telco Provider left you feeling unsatisfied?

Published May 24, 2019

If you are like many other customers across Australia that have telco services for your business, you may be feeling that your current Telco Provider does not care as much as they did when you signed up with them. This is unfortunately all too common within the telco industry, customers try to do the research and sign up with a provider that seems to care and are there to help with the initial configuration of your new Hosted PBX and VoIP services, but then it all changes.

Sometimes it can be a gradual decline in the support provided, or a lack of development of the platform, offering very little in the way of improvement to the Hosted PBX features and functions. This typically means that you are left with an outdated Hosted PBX that may not have all the features that your business requires as it continues to develop and grow in the future. There are obviously reasons for these reduction in support quality and lack of new features offered, but commonly is it because many Telco Providers do not own the Hosted PBX Intellectual Property and are reliant on the Vendor for new features, functions and in some cases even platform support.

Well MaxoTel is the exception to this, we are the Telco Provider that is there for you at the start and beyond, we purposely developed our own VoIP and Hosted PBX platform in-house. We have a team of developers that are always working on new features and ways to improve our products, best of all we listen to our customers as to what features they want most. By doing this if has allowed us to prioritise those features into our future releases of services like our marketing leading Hosted PBX.

We also have a Channel Partner Program that opens the doors for many potential resellers to a whole new revenue stream for their business. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our Channel Partners to grow their customer base and increase their revenue in the process.

So whether you are a business looking for a Telco Provider that will be there to answer your calls and provide you the support you deserve from day one and beyond, or perhaps a potential reseller that wants more from your Wholesale Telco Provider then get in touch with us at MaxoTel today and see how we can work together on your business.