Hosted PBX, The Right Choice For Your Business

Published Feb 20, 2019

Business telephony and our methods of communication have seen noticeable changes in recent times, with many businesses adopting instant messaging platforms and hosted phone systems as tools within organisations in an effort to improve both internal and external communications. The biggest hurdles that many businesses are facing today is the ability to communicate quickly, effectively and from where ever their staff may be based at any particular time. This stems from businesses having remote staff, multiple offices and in some cases even staff located in different locations throughout the world, this has created the need for more flexible communication tools.

If we consider a hosted PBX for a moment and how when implemented correctly it allows for many businesses to have staff operating in multiple offices to work together on a single phone system. It allows for staff in one office to receive the calls and then transfer to the appropriate team of even staff member, regardless if they are located in the same office or not. It offers the receptionist the ability to see who is on a call and who is available to take a call without leaving their seat. The features of a hosted PBX can allow for improved communications for many businesses, while also allowing for a more professional appearance for the callers too.

Hosted PBX's have the added benefit of call management being implemented down to a number, time, location and even staff member level. Take for example a business has a support team that is open during regular business hours on the east coast, then overflows for 2-3 hours after 5pm Sydney Time to the west coast where they have another team that is still working. That allows their callers on the east coast to still contact the support team for assistance and extends the businesses support hours. The improved call management options and having all staff operating on a single hosted PBX is a sure way to improve a businesses communications.

An additional benefit of a Hosted PBX is that it can drastically reduce the costs for many businesses, the setup costs are a fraction of a traditional onsite PBX. The ongoing costs are typically also reduced as there is less infrastructure cost required onsite with a Hosted PBX. The ability to add more extensions in a matter of minutes is also of huge benefit for businesses that require a flexible phone system that supports scalability.

In many cases the supplier of your hosted PBX is also the one responsible for ensuring that the system is secure and operating normally. This means that you can be sure of the operation of the system, as many suppliers provide a Service Level Agreement that guarantees uptime and security of their services. Many providers will have a disaster recovery strategy and will have redundancies in place to prevent any unscheduled downtime for their services. Making a hosted PBX also a smart choice for business communications.

Considering the move to a Hosted PBX? Contact the experts at MaxoTel and let them assist you with the right solution for your business needs.