Hosted Phone Systems VS On-Premise Phone Systems

Published Dec 10, 2018

One question you will hear people ask every day in this industry is "which phone system should I use? Should I make use of the On-Premise Phone or the Hosted Phone Systems?" Well, the answer to this question is all about partnership and company culture. This article is a 2 part that we hope will help to ensure your understanding of these solutions minus the technicalities involved.

What is the Meaning of On-Premise Phone System?

This particular system is sometimes called a PBX or just a phone system. In layman's term, the On-Premise Phone system is all about when the phone you are using is either leased or owned by you. Moreover, both systems may be either digital or On-premise VolP. If what you are using is the On-Premise VolP, you can get SIP trunk provider, dial tone through traditional telco, or a cable provider. Furthermore, the dial tone you are receiving will directly come where you are located to connect your phone system.

Also, if you are using On-Premise system, there is the need to secure a server in your data centre or onsite. However, it will be the duty of the end user to provide maintenance, expansion, and upgrades for the system. As a result, end users are expected to become partners with the provider to ensure ongoing support. Also, to benefit from the provider's IT professionals, which is typically costly.

What is the Meaning of Hosted Phone System?

Hosted phone systems otherwise known as virtual phone system or a Hosted PBX is based on the cloud phone system. The only physical devices you can see in this system is the network PoE switches and the handsets. Literarily, a virtual phone system is just a vast phone system in a data centre and hosted in the cloud. This data centre hosted phone system is sub-divided into small systems to accommodate the subscribers. Also, the connection of the end user location of this Hosted Phone System is through the internet or via a private network. Furthermore, the company that is hosting the system provides the dial tone. It is also their responsibility to be in charge of the internet.

Next week we will go into more details about the differences of a Hosted Phone Systems VS On-Premise Phone Systems, in the meantime you can view our range of Hosted PBX Plans here -