How a Hosted PBX Can Transform Your Business

Published Nov 27, 2018

We hear people talk about "the cloud" every day as though it's some distant paradise, where few people can go but everyone wants to be. It's not! When something is in the cloud, it just means it's stored or hosted on a 3rd party computer (or network of computers, often for redundancy). As we continue to move much of our data to the cloud, we encourage you to ask this very important question: Why not your phone system? Moving from a traditional, hardwired phone system (PBX) to a Hosted PBX (Voice over IP system that is hosted by a 3rd party), can be transformational for your business.

Collaborate and Communicate with your colleagues from anywhere, at any time

The modern workforce is changing, drastically. Many businesses find value in offering their employees some degree of flexibility to work from home. By adopting a hosted PBX system, your workforce has the ability to work from home or from the road with exactly the same communication capabilities and features they'd have as if they were sitting in the office. Better yet, a potential customer on the other end of the phone will never know the difference. Seamless communication from a disperse and flexible workforce!

Seem bigger than you are, when you need to

Everyone has heard the phrase "fake it 'till you make it!" Because the feature-set of a Hosted PBX is so robust even though the cost is far less than a traditional office phone system, from the customer's perspective, you are a large-scale enterprise (if that's how you choose to present yourself or your company). With a hosted PBX system, users have access to features typically only available to large companies with large budgets, including:

  • International calling numbers - You can have a local number from nearly any country you choose.

  • Toll free numbers - Adding a 1300 or 1800 number to your account provides free access for callers.

  • Time switches - Time switches allow you to choose how to route calls during various times of the day. You might send them to voicemail past office hours, for example.

  • Call recording - All of you calls can be recorded and saved.

  • Call queueing - Set your system up so that you answer calls in the order they're received.

Stop paying for things you don't need, until you need them

When you're setting up a traditional phone system, it takes time and money to get up and running. The install can be expensive, so businesses often "future-proof" their systems by putting in much more expensive and robust systems than they actually need, with the intention of "growing into them" as they scale. The problem is that these business are then paying for features and equipment, potentially for years, unnecessarily. What a waste of money! With a hosted PBX system, you only pay for the system and features you need. As you grow, you can add additional features, extra lines, and more functionality with the click of a button. No expensive equipment or complicated install or setup necessary.

Hosted PBX systems are feature-rich, flexible, affordable, and scalable. They have the power to be a transformational tool for businesses of any size, in any industry.