How using a Virtual Phone System Can Strengthen Small Businesses

Published Jan 29, 2019

Virtual phone systems allow small businesses to enjoy the same benefits and functionality that many large corporates use with a traditional phone system. Allowing for every user to have a handset, softphone or smartphone App to connect to the Hosted PBX or Virtual Phone System, making it a very versatile solution for small businesses.

Unlike a traditional PBX or Phone System that is installed on-site and utilizes physical phone lines, landlines and ISDN lines, a Hosted PBX is hosted in a secure data centre and is connected to a VoIP Service, allowing for users to connect from the Internet. That is how staff can connect to a Virtual Phone System from almost anywhere in the world. This eliminates the requirement for expensive hardware onsite and the need to maintain that hardware, overall reducing the management and costs when compared to a Hosted PBX solution.

Virtual phone systems are not only about cost reduction, they typically also offer increased features, better user functionality and the ability to have a single phone system for businesses with multiple office locations. They offer great improvements from traditional phone system options, and are typically easier to use and configure too.

This is some of the benefits a virtual phone system can offer to small businesses;

o Voicemail sent straight to a staff members email
o Provision of numbers from all over the country
o Menu prompts and auto attendants which can be customised
o Conference calls between internal and external callers
o Directing incoming calls to staff working remotely
o Business hours that can be updated by a web accessed user interface
o And much more

Due to technology advancements and higher internet speeds, the ability of using a Virtual Phone System in many small businesses is fast becoming a common practice. The requirements for an inner-city office that can house all the staff is becoming less important for many businesses, with the ability to have multiple offices and even remote workers accessing from home. Staff are able to work from anywhere they have an internet connection and still operate as if they were right there in the office with everyone else.

Small businesses can take advantage of this by placing the right staff in their business, regardless of where they may live. It also allows for additional coverage for answering calls as all staff can be added to any queue and have the ability to answer calls from inbound callers if the reception is busy for example. Staff can be added to as many or as little number of queues as the business requires, making it very versatile for small businesses.

A Hosted PBX fast becomes an asset for many small businesses once configured and introduced into the business processes. Enabling business owners to focus more on customer service, marketing their products and services, developing their products and services, and other matters that impact profits.

To survive in this modern business world as a small business and remain competitive, small businesses need to be aware of the latest technologies available, to know how to utilize them and get the edge over larger corporates. Talk to the experts in VoIP and Hosted PBX services at MaxoTel and see how we can tailor a Virtual Phone System to suit your business.