Is a Virtual Phone System the Future Office?

Published Jan 21, 2019

There is a revolution that small-sized business are experiencing in their offices. For instance, if you are searching for office space in Brisbane or Perth, you should be ready to cough out a tremendous amount of money. While, the price of office space in Manhattan, Sydney or Hong Kong is far greater again. This situation makes it hard for small-scale enterprises to compete with bigger competitors that have already established offices in these prestigious locations.

The Term 'Office' Has Been Redefined

Traditionally, most businesses are operated out of an office space although there are some exceptions. Every worker is provided with a specific workstation, that typically comprises of a computer, desk, chair and a business phone, while the office also provides meeting spaces, copiers, shared break rooms and other shared utilities.

Although this setup is still the norm for many businesses, many business are finding it beneficial to use mobile practices, whereas staff are working remotely and even from home now. Moreover, this has become more the case since the advent of telecommunications upgrades that keeps progressing and allow for staff to have access to the company phone system from almost anywhere there is an internet connection.

The ability of remote working and the enabling technology which makes it possible is allowing for staff to no longer make the pilgrimage to the main office for many businesses, this reduces travel time and makes for a more productive work force in many cases. According to recent studies, up to as many as half of the Australian citizens that work in an office, also have the ability to work remotely when needed. This situation is a result of advancements in technology which made it easier for employees to perform their jobs while away from the office. Many remote staff can have calls transferred and redirected to their mobile, computer or handset located at home. Moreover, businesses don't have to fear about loss of functionality for remote workers that are still connected to the business hosted PBX phone system, such as answering callers or customers and accepting internally transferred calls.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to notice the impacts remote working is having on the modern workplace of today. In short, this shift comes as an answer to small business's problems such as productivity, financial, and personnel situations. Many businesses are finding that many staff that work remotely are still able to provide the same benefits and in many cases even offer increased productivity, there is likely going to be a larger push towards mobile working in the future.

The reduced need for a large physical office in a prime and costly location is quick becoming less of a priority for many businesses. With many startups choosing to forgo the need for an office and instead investing in a more sustainable infrastructure for future growth with cloud hosted software and hosted PBX phone systems instead.

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