Is your business ready for June 2019?

Published Feb 28, 2019

Were you aware that Telstra plans to begin shutting down the ISDN network (Integrated Services Digital Network) in June this year? This means that if you are one of the subscribers still using traditional phone lines, you need to be preparing for a change now or run the risk of having your calls and phone lines cut off in the very near future.

There are still a significantly large number of businesses that are still replying on ISDN lines to provide their business communications, which are routed to a traditional phone system or PABX. Many of these phone systems will also become obsolete in the event that the ISDN services are cut and no longer able to route any calls throughout the business.

There are a few ways to prepare for this drastic change in the way your phone numbers and calls are delivered, but the most flexible and scalable option is to migrate to a Hosted PBX solution. A Hosted PBX uses the internet to connect to your VoIP Enabled provider, allowing for calls to be delivered over your existing internet connection, or even a Private Link if you have one in place. They are far more secure and feature rich then traditional onsite phone systems, they are generally hosted in a secure data centre with a significant amount of redundancy built in.

In order to organise a migration to a VoIP service and Hosted PBX you should contact a trusted industry provider that can guide you through the process. There are a few parts to the process but providers like Maxotel have a vast experience with helping their customers to migrate seamlessly to their marketing leading Hosted PBX. They can assist with the planning, porting of your existing numbers, providing updated and preconfigured handsets, and even offer training on how to best use your new Hosted PBX.

Another great feature of a Hosted PBX is that you can have a single phone system for your entire business, even if you have remote workers or multiple offices, a Hosted PBX caters for a businesses of all sizes and has features that previously were reserved for large corporate phone systems.

So contact the experts in communications at Maxotel today and start planning your migration from ISDN, do not wait till your ISDN services are cut off and discontinued.