Make your Business Communications Better with a Hosted PBX

Published Oct 11, 2018

Handling a business is a pretty tough job but have you ever thought of finding an easier way? This article will provide you with all the information you need for improving your business communications.

What is a Hosted PBX?

It is an advanced phone system which is typically easy to access with great features and comes at affordable prices. It is called virtual for the reason that it uses the internet or private link as a connection to transfer your telecommunications services over. It works like any other phone system with landlines or ISDN, but with much more advanced features and SIP enabled phones. Some features are:

  • Forward calls

  • Make conference calls

  • Customised greetings

  • Call queues

  • Custom on hold music

  • Multi office support

What is a VoIP and How Does it Affect a Phone System?

It is a technology that enables you to make calls at any time with the help of a headset, computer on which internet is enabled and uses VoIP (voice over IP) protocols. It converts your voice in a digital signal that helps you make calls directly from either a hosted PBX or a VoIP phone. It supports many other devices as well and is extremely versatile.

Why should you use a Hosted PBX for your Business Communications?

Maxotel provides you with the business hosted PBX starting from only $24.95 and you there is no need to sign a contract or pay any setup fees for your new hosted phone system. The best thing is that you have the freedom to choose the features and plans according to your business requirements. Here are all the reasons why a MaxoTel hosted PBX is better:

  • The automated attendant will make your business look more professional

  • Your office phone can be attended at home

  • It delivers you access to your phone via a portal which is easy to manage

  • The hosted PBX by Maxotel will not restrict you in terms of growth. As your business expands so can your phone system.

  • It provides you with flexible options that you can choose from. Connect with customers in the way you want.

  • With NBN ready numbers, you can port your numbers or can pick any other numbers from anywhere in Australia.

  • It lets you put calls on hold, transfer calls, make diversions and more. You can have control over the calls.

  • It enables you to send voicemail via email and even to your mobile. You no longer have to worry about missing messages.

  • The call plan can be customised to handle your incoming calls the way you want.