Making the switch to a Hosted PBX

Published Jun 28, 2019

Most businesses have already done their research and realised that moving to a Hosted PBX with VoIP makes sense form a business point of view. The concern for many, though is that changing your phone provider is not always a simple process, and it is often seen to be easier to remain with the status quo. How much is your business overspending though, by not making the switch to a Hosted PBX with VoIP?

We have compiled some of the most compelling reasons that businesses have made the switch to a Hosted PBX.

VoIP and Hosted PBX is priced to save businesses money

Often when a business does a like for like comparison for a traditional onsite phone system with landlines or the now-defunct ISDN lines, they find that with a Hosted PBX running on VoIP, they see significant savings of up to 30-40%. These savings are typically due to the fact that there are no line costs required and that there is no need for PBX equipment on each site for multi-site businesses. Savings are typically also seen with the introduction of free on-net calls and reduced call rates in general.

Hosted PBX and VoIP are designed with scalability in mind

Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes but are especially popular amongst start-ups and small to medium businesses. The flexibility and scalability that are provided for companies to develop with their phone system are unprecedented. With many providers building easy to navigate online portals for the management of their Hosted PBX platforms, this is very useful when adding new staff to the Hosted PBX or ordering new numbers for a new office for example.

Another benefit is that the maintenance and technical upkeep is typically handled by the service provider, allowing staff to have the support they may require when needed.

The most crucial decision when switching to a Hosted PBX, though is, choosing the right provider. Check what their strengths are as a company and the platform they are offering, make sure they have a solution that is capable of supporting your business now and into the future. Ask for testimonials from existing customers that have worked with the provider for some time and are still happy with the products and services provided.

The right provider will make switching to a Hosted PBX with VoIP easy.

Maxotel is Australia's premium VoIP and Hosted PBX service provider, specialising in small to medium-sized businesses, but having the expertise to work with large corporations too. By providing a level of support that is unparalleled in our industry, and our continued innovations on our products are direct responses to our customer's requests, allow us to remain a step above our competitors.