Now is the time to make the change to a Virtual PBX

Published Sep 24, 2018

Maxo Telecommunications Hosted PBXA Virtual PBX or otherwise referred to as a Hosted PBX is a phone system that is generally housed in a Data Centre and is accessed by businesses via an internet link or private tail. It allows for an unlimited number of extensions to be registered to the business phone system from multiple sites from anywhere in the world. Making it one of the most versatile business communication tools that a company can invest in.

Some common features of a virtual PBX include:

  • Automated attendant or IVR functionality to guide the caller

  • Flexible selection of VoIP enabled phones

  • Advanced voicemail options, including being able to send voicemails direct to email

  • Ring groups and call queues to organise call flows

  • Professional greetings to offer that personal message to callers

  • Customised music on hold that allows for advertising and updates for callers

The ever-changing world of technology will continue to alter the business landscape, placing ever-increasing pressure on companies of all sizes to remain up to date and adapt new technologies. As many technologies are becoming obsolete, the transition to a virtual PBX is becoming more prevalent for companies that wish to remain up to date with the modern workforce. It not only removes the need to maintain outdated servers and use of ageing desk phones, it allows for many businesses to support remote works and branch offices from a single business phone system.

Make the Switch to a Hosted Phone System and Streamline your Business Communications

Here's How to Get Started

  • Make the decision to save money and workout how many extensions you will need.
    • Small and medium-sized businesses generally have strict budgets and have very different service requirements compared to large corporations. Small to medium-sized companies would generally require similar features to a large company, but do not have the need for as many lines. This is where a virtual PBX hosted will really advance a businesses communications and professionalism, while offering significant cost savings due to a centralised phone system and single bill for calls and associated services.

  • Confirm that your internet or private link has sufficient bandwidth.
    • VoIP works over an internet or private link and requires a stable connection with low latency, so it is advised to ensure that your bandwidth is capable of coping with the call volume your business requires. The number of lines you require and can support will depend upon your bandwidth, as well as the quality of your calls. Most businesses that have high-speed internet connections will be able to support multiple lines without the need to increase bandwidth, but if unsure most Virtual PBX Providers can assist.

  • Select your Virtual PBX provider.
    • The global virtual PBX market is experiencing significant growth and is projected to reach USD 14,368.4 million by 2026. This growth means that competition is fierce within the industry and service providers are competing to offer their services that vary in price. While there are many providers to choose from, it is wise counsel to engage an experienced provider who has established an industry reputation and can customise a solution for your business needs.

Business owners should consider several elements such as:

      1. What are the set-up costs?

      2. Can the virtual PBX's features support my business needs?

      3. What level of customer service and how responsive is the technical support is provided?

      4. What are the call rates and additional fees to the monthly cost?

      5. Most of all, does the solution provide the flexibility for growth?

Answers to these questions will guide the decision-making process when choosing a hosted PBX service provider and guarantee your move to a Virtual PBX to be a positive one.