What does a hosted PBX mean for your business?

Published Jan 8, 2019

A Hosted PBX, also known as a virtual PBX, is a telephone system that is hosted by the telecommunications provider. One of the advantages is that the telecommunications service provider maintains the system and manages the infrastructure. This simply means that businesses considering using a Hosted PBX do not need to be worried about costs for maintenance, operation, or configuration of a VolP enabled Hosted PBX because the supplier typically handles that component.

With a Hosted PBX, companies can still make use of all the features of their phones such as ring groups, transferring, conferences, voicemail, automated greeting, and much more.

Providers of Hosted PBX's typically also handle the VoIP network that allows for number selection and routing for their customers and as well as providing a modern hosted phone system.

A hosted PBX has 3 major advantages:

  • Replacing the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Lines with more versatile VoIP numbers and lines.
  • Utilising the internet to connect to a Hosted PBX, allowing for calls to be made and received from anywhere in the world.
  • So many more features then traditional PABX Phone Systems, generally most of these are even included without the need to pay for expensive upgrades or hardware add-ons.

Benefits of using a Hosted PBX

It reduces total ownership costs and typically offers manageable monthly fees that are much less than a traditional in-house solution.

It can significantly reduce the installation costs as many Hosted PBX solutions have a low setup cost. The maintenance costs are almost non-existent because they are included in the monthly costs of the service and are still much better value than a traditional phone system.

It removes the boundaries of having multiple offices, by allowing a single Hosted Phone System to have as many as 1000 extensions registered from an unlimited number of offices all over the world.

It helps a business by allowing employees to work from home, the office and the field. This is especially handy for salespeople, real estate brokers and home based worker, allowing them to use the same phone system as the rest of a business while having that extra flexibility or working out of the office.

Some of the features offered like the automated attendant and enhanced greeting options can lift the profile of a business to a caller, many smaller businesses benefit from the features that were previously only available with an expensive in house phone system that of course lacked other features.

A hosted telephony solution can provide a small business that corporate image and added professionalism. Potential clients will associate the way they are handled by a phones system with how they rank a business's professionalism, even though a business may have a small team, they can still come across as larger and organised.

The ease of use and simplicity continues to improve for many hosted PBX offerings in the market, as they are designed with the callers in mind, as well as the users of the system, offering a holistic view of the product.

The greatest benefit would have to be the low-cost setup, the ease of getting started, the low ongoing costs, the ability to access many features to improve business efficiency and the knowledge that the system is managed and maintained by a component team of experts.

Contact the professional team of Hosted PBX experts at MaxoTel and find out how they can help your business move to a Hosted PBX and start seeing these benefits and more.