Why choose a Cloud based Hosted PBX for your Business?

Published Feb 11, 2019

For you to really appreciate the advantages of a hosted phone system, you first need to understand a few things about "the cloud". The cloud seems to be treated as some mysterious place where data is sent to be stored and apps operate from, but in fact it is pretty easy to explain.

The cloud is simply referring to a service that is typically accessed over the internet and generally has the bulk of its infrastructure hosted in a secure data center. This is the same with services like a hosted phone system (Hosted PBX), which serves as an alternative to a traditional on-site phone system (PABX), which generally has a server or other hardware stored at a customer site or sites in some cases for multi site businesses. A great benefit of a Hosted PBX is that there is very little physical hardware on a customer site, because by definition it is a cloud based or hosted service and is housed in a data center that is very secured and with a large number of redundancies in place for additional protection.

Cloud products and services have improved the way our IT infrastructure works and applications are offered, especially in the business sector. Accessing software has become easier and more affordable in many cases by using the cloud based offerings. Businesses have the option to access many products from the cloud and even host entire IT infrastructures in some cases, allowing for many businesses to be fully functional without spending large amounts of capital on upfront fees for hardware. It has also allowed for smaller companies to gain easy access and use of the same technologies at a price that many of these businesses can afford. That is why we are seeing an increase in the past few years on the uptake of businesses utilising a hosted PBX in their organisations.

A Hosted PBX is the perfect addition to any business as it allows you to scale your workforce quickly while not compromising on features, there are no expensive costs associated with adding additional hardware to add a staff member, typically it only requires a handset and a few minutes of configuration. Features like a IVR, voicemail, conferencing can much more are available for many businesses to use and allows for small businesses and large alike to present as professional as any larger corporate company.

If your business is at a turning point or just ready to take advantage of a hosted PBX and the features that could benefit your business then contact the team at MaxoTel today.