Why moving to a Hosted PBX is good for business?

Published May 7, 2019

Surprisingly, one of the most significant reasons that businesses are considering the shift to a Hosted PBX is for the lower operational costs and reduced management overheads. Business owners are seeing the value in a hosted or cloud-based PBX solution as a way to provide increased flexibility and overall cost savings. These cost savings are primarily due to the overall upfront costs, this is made possible by reducing the on-premise hardware and removing the need for the technical costs typically associated with many legacy PBX systems.

A Cloud PBX or Hosted PBX encourages a more mobile-friendly workforce, with features like follow me, call forwarding, voicemail to email and multi office support as standard features. In the event of an emergency or loss of internet at the business site, a Hosted PBX will remain online and active. This offers businesses the flexibility for staff to work remotely or for the PBX to manage calls and direct calls to voicemail, that can be sent to the relevant staff to follow up when they are able. A Hosted PBX provides a level of failsafe for businesses of any size and allows for seamless operations of the businesses communication system.

Traditional PBX systems typically do not have as many features included as standard, while a Hosted PBX has so many standard features that were previously reserved for large corporations or enterprise businesses and typically came at great cost to the business. With the introduction of Hosted PBX and they vast features they can offer to businesses of any size, there really is no doubt of the value a Hosted PBX can offer to a business.

A hosted PBX really is good business and the benefits to the operations and savings to be gained are just the beginning. Talk to the experts at MaxoTel today and start your journey towards your Hosted PBX.