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Getting Started Guide
This guide will give a brief overview of the steps required to get your new MaxoTel service up and running, ready to make and receive calls.
International Call Blocking on Yealink Phones
Blocking on all phones
Blocking phone numbers
If you are receiving threatening or nuisance calls, or some other unwanted calls, you can block specific caller's phone numbers from within the My Account Portal. This will black...
Transitioning Cat-C Services to Cat-A
You can attempt to change your existing 'complex' service with Telstra to a CAT-A or 'simple' service so it can be ported quick and easily, and to avoid the slow, expensive CAT-C...
Grandstream Automatic Setup & Provisioning
The Auto-Provisioning (Setup) of new Grandstream GRP-series and DP-series phones purchased from us for Hosted PBX services can now be done through either your handset or https://...
Number Porting FAQ
Number porting allows you to bring your existing phone numbers to MaxoTel from another provider.
Portal Guide - Queues
Call queues take incoming calls and place them in line to be answered by a group of extensions, while playing hold music to the caller.
Setting up a Mobile Divert
This guide will show you how to divert (or forward) any direct calls to an extension to a mobile and, if unanswered, return the call to a voice mailbox, a queue or a ring group. ...
Number Porting FAQ - Verification Options
When submitting a number port through the My Account Portal, you will be asked to verify the ownership of the phone number.