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Portal Guide - Address Book
An address book is a list of contacts, which can be synchronised with Yealink handsets, Grandstream handsets and cloud softphone to allow for dialling from the contacts on the ha...
Yealink Address Book Setup
Your Yealink handset can be configured to subscribe to any of the Address Books configured in the My Account Portal.
Portal Overview
My Account Portal sections and their functions.
Looking Up Contacts on Grandstream GRP Phones
Quick MatchYour Grandstream handset can quickly look up contacts added either locally to the phone, or from a synchronised address book.
Grandstream GRP Automatic Provisioning
Provisioning of Grandstream GRP phones for Hosted PBX services can now be done through either your handset or
Yealink Automatic Provisioning
Provisioning of Yealink phones for Hosted PBX services can now be done through
MaxoTel Hosted PBX vs iiNet Small Business Phone
We compared MaxoTel's Freedom PBX plan to iiNet's BizPhone offering with no contract, and one Yealink T42S Phone, plus one Yealink T48S Phone. Below is a breakdown of the differ...
Exporting Contacts From Outlook
To import your Outlook contact list to the directory in, you first need to export them from Outlook as a CSV file. The steps required will vary depending ...
Portal Guide - Number Porting
My Porting Applications
Using Hot Desking
Hot desking, or agent logins, allows you to take your Hosted PBX extension with you as you move around the office or between sites.