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X-Lite / Bria for Windows and Mac
Before you begin, ensure that you've created your extension in the My Account Portal, To retrieve the details of an existing extension, or create a ...
Bria For IOS and Android
Setup Guide for Bria on iPhone and Android
Setup Guides for SoftPhones can be found here
Configuration Guides
How to configure your VoIP hardware or PC/App softphone
Medical Practice PBX Setup Example
This example details one of the most common setups for medical clinics. It takes inbound calls to a main number, checks if the medical centre is open and, if so, plays a greeting...
Using WiFi and Bluetooth on Yealink Phones
All Yealink handsets we supply are capable of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. For the T5X series phones (T53W, T54W, etc.), these features are built in. On the T4X series (T42, ...