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Track Conversations

MaxoTel understands the importance of tracking conversations to ensure streamlined communication processes and enhance overall efficiency. Through MaxoTel's cutting-edge Conversation Tracking feature, businesses can now gain valuable insights into their communication patterns and optimise their operations like never before.

Accurate Call History

MaxoTel's Accurate Call History feature enables businesses to enhance their call tracking and analysis capabilities. With this powerful tool, organisations can access comprehensive and reliable records of all their incoming and outgoing calls.

Simplified Data Entry

MaxoTel introduces Simplified Data Entry, a solution designed to streamline and accelerate the process of entering data. With this innovative feature, businesses can bid farewell to time-consuming and complex data entry tasks.

Salesforce CRM & Calling Features

Incoming Call Popup

Know who's calling! Salesforce will automatically display the correct Salesforce contact, ensuring your users can efficiently greet their callers and seamlessly record important details.

Click to Dial

Efficiency at your fingertips! MaxoTel's feature-packed Salesforce extension grants you the power of Click-to-Dial, streamlining call initiation directly from your Salesforce CRM contacts, erasing time wastage.

Automatic Call Logging

Every inbound and outbound call action, including instances of missed calls, is automatically recorded and associated with the respective contact or lead within Salesforce.

VOIP Calling with Salesforce Call Centre

Salesforce has rolled out new technology that gives companies the contact center solution they need right now. Bringing together a comprehensive set of tools, Salesforce Contact Center now efficiently transforms and scales contact centers into a hub of automated, intelligent, and real-time customer service.

Salesforce Integration Pricing

Salesforce Integration


per Salesforce user on any of our Business plans

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