Working From Home

Enables work from anywhere!

Is your practice conducting telehealth calls? Why not do so from home?

All MaxoTel Hosted PBX systems are work-from-home capable, right out of the box.

Take your phone home, or use Hot Desking to take your phone profile with you to any phone in your organisation.

Softphone capabilities, are included for free, enabling you to take work calls on your mobile handset (including transfer and hold functionality).

Powerful call management workflows

Enable your reception team to manage calls more efficiently, with features like auto-attendant, automatic call queueing, call overflows, voicemail-to-email with transcription and more.

If the team are all on calls, the PBX will answer with a recorded message, and place callers on hold until someone is available automatically.

Hosted PBX Workflow
Hosted PBX Features

All the power of a cloud
Hosted PBX system

A comprehensive suite of features to suit just about any need.

A Cloud Hosted PBX system from MaxoTel gives you all the features of a traditional PBX system costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, for a fraction of the price.

Better still, our in-house development team is always innovating, releasing new features on a monthly basis.

You'll find features on MaxoTel you've never seen anywhere else. We're responsive to feedback and plan our feature roadmap based on what our customers are asking for.

Australian, phone-based support
in 12 seconds2

Speak to our Australian support team when you need them, with an average answer time of 12 seconds. They help you with any questions you may have, as well as make any configuration changes you need on-the-spot.

Sound too good to be true?

Call us now on 1800 12 12 10

Our customers love us
and you will too!

MaxoTel is one of the only Telco's in Australia with absolutely no lock-in contract periods. That's right... zip, zilch, none what-so-ev.

Everything we do is month-to-month and you can even change plans mid-month.3

Unlike some other Telco's, our customers are with us because they choose to be, not because they're contractually obligated to be.

With over 20,000 active users, our customers are testament to our service quality.

1. In most cases, we can set your service up same-day using call diversions and mobile apps. Some parts of the setup will take longer, such as shipping phones, and porting phone numbers. Please see our Support Centre for more information on lead times.

2. Our average answer time on our support line is just 12 seconds. This is an average, and may be higher during peak periods. Answer time data sampled across January to March 2020.

3. Fair use policy applies to plan changes. You can only do this a certain number of times within a specified period.