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Handset Mobility - Working from Home or Remotely

When using MaxoTel Hosted PBX, your handsets can be used from just about anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

Your phone numbers, a PBX service are hosted in the cloud, and the handsets connect to it using an available internet connection.

This means that you can simply plug your handset in to a network with an available internet connection, and it will connect to the Hosted PBX and work.

The procedure is as simple as:

  • Disconnect the power and ethernet cables from the handset
  • Take the handset to the new location
  • Plug in the power and ethernet cables
  • Your handset will start up and connect to the hosted PBX within around 1-2 minutes

This is extremely useful for:

  • Working from home, just take your phone with you
  • Moving between offices
  • Some disaster-recovery scenarios

As well as simply moving the handset, you may also be interested to learn more about:

  • Using Hot Desking - Log in to a handset as you sit down at the desk, so your extension comes with you (without needing to move the physical phone)
  • MaxoTel Cloud Softphone - Use your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) as your Hosted PBX extension, so it goes wherever you do

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