Integration Features

Incoming Call Popup

Incoming Call Popup

Know who's calling! Zoho will automatically display the correct Zoho contact, ensuring your users can efficiently greet their callers and effortlessly take notes.

Click to Dial

Stop wasting time! MaxoTel's feature-rich Zoho extension enables Click-to-Dial functionality on existing Zoho contacts straight from your Zoho CRM!

Click to Dial
Automatic Call Logging

Automatic Call Logging

All incoming and outgoing call activities are logged automatically against the contact or lead in Zoho, including missed calls.

I love this local Australian company. Belinda is amazing and helps me no end. Customer Service is alive and well...

tracey hamilton 8 months ago

Finally I got VOIP and got rid of my unreliable landline. I bought the VOIP phone from them. I couldn't...

Harry Berlouis 26 Nov, 2022

Great company! Supplied us new phones after the catastrophic floods in our town in which we lost all our equipment....

Tyrepower Lismore 2 May, 2022

We have been using Maxotel for our communications since June 2020 and have been very happy with their service. I...

Shontelle Gregory-Hunt 12 Jan, 2022

Highly recommended, fully featured hosted PBX and IP telephony service with support to back it up.

Wayne Herring 23 Dec, 2021

Full marks across the board - easily the best cloud pbx platform and excellent support!

Andrew Cullen 22 Dec, 2021

Great ePBX provider, with excellent service and support. Will continue to use and recommend

Darren Csepreghy 22 Dec, 2021

Great support and an excellent product. I both use and resell MaxoTel and recommend it to all of my customers.!

Glenn Latter 22 Dec, 2021

Have used Maxo's VoIP service for years and they have always been able to provide great quality and service.

Dylan H 22 Dec, 2021

great customer service, the team is so helpful and special shout out to Gean Simmons. The system is so user...

Sarah Stevenson 3 Nov, 2021

Outstanding customer service from the team at MAXO. No call quality issues. Very happy.

Beth Cowling 3 Nov, 2021

MAXOTEL are a fantastic Cloud hosted PBX provider. Im an I.T consultant: I evaluated many other local companies before committing...

Uriel Brown 25 Aug, 2021

These guys are personable, friendly and fun a fantastic platform, always recommending them To my friends. Keep up the good...

K Atkins 9 May, 2021

We moved from Optus on divert to Zendesk Talk to Maxo for our business lines, as we really needed a...

Schelle Tick 19 Mar, 2021

Just signed up because of the amazing customer service I received before I'd even joined. They answered the phone in...

Sarah Kuhne 16 Nov, 2020

After sharing office space with another company who had their own PBX (physical) I was in need for a hosted...

David S 1 Nov, 2020

We use Maxo for a hosted PBX system for our hospitality group. The phones are great, rates are competitive, and...

James T 28 Sep, 2020

I have been with maxotel for about 10 years, maybe even longer. This was after using many other big name...

Frank Ugolini 6 Jun, 2020

I've been with Maxotel for 5 years and they've always been wonderful to deal with and use, the best VoIP...

Martin Kingsley 3 Jun, 2020

Fantastic product with prompt domestic support and super well priced. Highly recommend the MAXO Hosted PBX, it is super easy...

Wendy E 3 Jun, 2020

After installing a number of Voip phone systems over the last ten years, that had lots of trouble for reliability,...

Geoffrey B 19 May, 2020

We have now been with Maxo for a couple of months and the service and support has been outstanding. 5...

PHILLIP M 7 May, 2020

Product quality and follow-up service are simply first class. Since from moving from another telco who just didn't seem to...

John Rattray 20 Mar, 2020

Excellent technical service, the team are extremely well informed, so very helpful and genuinely interested in finding solutions to your...

Mohamad Hannaway 4 Mar, 2020

Super easy to use and very capable company. Provides great support and equipment for VOIP phone lines! Highly recommended! A+

Will 18 3 Jul, 2019
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