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Dialling Codes
 Dialling CodeFeatureDescription*101Page ExtensionDial * then the extension number to Page and extension (*101, *102, etc.) - See Paging*94Page All PhonesPage all phones on your PBX - see Paging*95XXXCall Spy ExtensionDial *95 then an extension number to Listen to an active call on an extension (for example *95103 for extension 103) - see Call Spy*95Call Spy All PhonesListen to any active call on your PBX - see Call Spy*97Voicemail PickupPick up Voicemail on the voicemail box assigned to your extension50003Voicemail LoginLog in to any voicemail box on your PBX (for shared voicemail boxes)*98XXXCall Pickup ExtensionDial *98 then an extension number to pick up a call ringing on that extension (for example *98102 to pick up a call ringing on 102)*98Call Pickup All PhonesPick up any ringing call on your PBX1831...Caller ID PrivateDial 1831 then the destination number to call from a private/unlisted number (eg. 18310298888888)1832...Caller ID ShowDial 1832 then the destination number to call displaying your number (eg. 18310298888888) - used when your number is usually private50012Echo TestDiagnostic Use - Echo's everything you say back to you, very handy as a line / internet quality testing tool
Setup Guides
Setup Guides for popular VoIP devices can be found below.   Desk PhonesBrandsCiscoGrandstreamYealink   SoftPhonesSetup GuidesBriaX-LiteZoiper   Phone SystemsSetup Guides3CX SIP Trunking   Cordless PhonesBrandsGigasetYealink Cordless   Conference PhonesBrands   
What is SIP ALG?SIP ALG stands for "Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway". Breaking this down:  SIP is the industry standard protocol for VoIP (the standard used by MaxoTel)ALG is a common feature of routers designed to assist in managing certain types of internet traffic (in this case SIP traffic).In short, SIP ALG is designed to facilitate the flow of VoIP traffic through your router, but often it creates more problems than it solves.  Most vendors ship their routers with SIP ALG enabled by default.Why Disable SIP ALG?By design, SIP ALG places itself in the middle of the communication path between your phones and MaxoTel.  This means that all communications and instructions relating to your VoIP service will be filtered through ALG.Many different router vendors have their own varied implementations of SIP ALG, each of which has it's on quirks and limitations.  While most won't cause any noticeable problems most of the time, over time they can start to cause problems.Common problems associated with SIP ALG include:Phones ringing, but no audio when the call is connected (either one-way audio or no audio)Sporadic issues with phones not ringingRandom phones losing their connection / not registering to the PBXMaxoTel's service is designed to operate in such a way that SIP ALG is not required, so in almost all cases it is better to have it off than leave it on.How to Disable SIP ALG:The process for disabling SIP ALG varies depending on the router.  Please see the guides below for common routers. If your router is not listed, please Contact Us for help.Disabling SIP ALG - Netcomm RoutersDisabling SIP ALG - Netgear RoutersOther Possible CausesIf disabling SIP ALG doesn't resolve any issues you may be encountering, the next most likely cause may be NAT Issues.

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Time Switch Setup
Time Switches allow customers to setup ways to change Call Routes of their incoming numbers, either automatically, or via their VoIP handsets.Standard SetupTo create a new Time Switch for your account, head to the 'Time Switch' tab under the Hosted PBX option on the left hand side of the My Account portal.If you wanted the Time Switch to work Automatically, simply choose the days and time you wanted each position to run.To create additional positions, simply click the blue + symbol.Once you have set the desired positions, click Save to create the Time Switch. A status of your Time Switch will be shown on the main 'Time Switch' page, to allow you to see the 'Current Route' and 'Next Route'.NOTE: Once you have created your Time Switch, make sure to route your number/numbers to the Time Switch from the 'Number Routing' page.Creating FavouritesTo create Time Switch Toggles for handsets, first you'll need to Edit the Time Switch, and create 'Favourites' on the 'Configure Favourites' button.Once the Favourites are created, you can set the Dial toggle for Speed Dials on the phone, or the BLF Toggle for BLF lines on the phone.NOTE: If your Time Switch is set to automatic, changing the route with a favourite will only override until the NEXT automatic position.Manual Toggle (Night Switch)To have the Time Switch set to MANUAL ONLY, simply set the 'Override?' position of the Time Switch to 'Manual', and use the favourites/toggles on the phones.
Handset Pre-Configuration Spreadsheet
When rolling out a fleet of VoIP handsets to be used with a new Hosted PBX service, it's sometimes required to capture a list of extensions and handsets early on in the process to facilitate a smooth setup.This spreadsheet can be used to make the process of capturing this information easy.Please download the spreadsheet here:Once completed, please send it through to
What is Hosted PBX
A hosted pbx (or Virtual PBX) connects your business VoIP phones to PSTN lines via your internet connection. The Hosted PBX is located in a secure datacentre with the PSTN lines, so your phones connect to it over the internet.What is the benefit over a traditional PBX?No more costly PBX system to buy - instead you simply purchase the handsets, and for less than the price of the equivalent landline rental, you can have all the features of a PBX system.You can make changes to the phone system yourself online, or call our friendly support team for assistance at no cost.You will save heaps on your phone bill just by switching to VoIP, with untimed calls to landlinesAustralia wide, and per-second billing on our low mobile rates! Why MaxoTel's Industry-leading Hosted PBX?Fast activationNo Setup FeeNo ContractNo Locked hardwareEasy to useWeb based configurationAustralian Phone Support
Number Porting FAQ - Category A or C
Category A number ports are applicable only to single/standalone numbers delivered on...PSTN fixed phone lines (a standard, single port "phone plug in the wall" - the same as is typically found in a residential phone service) with no complex services (see below)NBN Phone services, where the service is delivered from the "Phone" ports on the NBN NTUPorting from most other VoIP providers (see below for exceptions)Category C number ports are applicable to any numbers that...Are delivered over an ISDN / PRI serviceInclude a number range (10-range, 100-range, etc.)Are being ported from Telstra DOT (even if it's a single number)If any of your numbers being ported require Category C porting, we generally recommend setting Category C for all of your numbers on the port.This way, all of your numbers will be processed as a single port, so they will all fall under a single Category C porting cost and will be processed at the same time.
Activation Help - Credit Card Charge Amounts
What is this for?When you sign up with MaxoTel, we charge two small amounts to the credit card that you provide on the signup page.  This is done as a security measure to protect both our customers and MaxoTel against fraudulent credit card transactions. Since we operate primarily as an online business, we have to take these precautions to ensure that anyone signing up with us is the owner of the credit card provided for the account.Where do I find the transaction amounts?There are three ways to obtain the amounts:Check your internet banking - this is the preferred way.  The amounts should show as a "Pending Transaction" on your credit card account.Call your bank - the phone number for your credit card's service center should be printed on the back of the card.  Check your statement - if you receive your credit card statements via e-mail or post, you can confirm the amounts on hereHelp finding the transaction amounts:Activation Troubleshooting - Credit Card Charge Amounts with ANZWhen will my money be refunded?Our system automatically refunds the amounts as soon as they are charged.  We never actually receive the money, these charges are used for security verification purposes only.Although the amounts are refunded by us instantly, it may take a few days for your bank to show and process the refund.Can I receive a tax invoice?Since the amounts never actually transfer, unfortunately we are unable to provide a tax invoice for these charges.I don't have the amounts - can I still sign up?Unfortunately we are unable to activate any accounts that have not completed the credit card verification process.We're happy to assist with the activation process over the phone, but keep in mind that we will need the amounts in order to complete the activation.
Activation Troubleshooting - Credit Card Charge Amounts with ANZ
When activating your account with MaxoTel, you will receive two small verification charges on the credit card you provide during signup.If you bank with ANZ, you can find the amounts in your internet banking as follows...1. On the home page, select the Credit Card under the "Your Accounts" heading...2. Find the two transaction amounts under the "Outstanding authorisations" sectionIf you have any issues location the amounts, please call the support number on the back of your credit card.Unfortunately, we are unable to activate accounts that have not verified their credit card details.
Grandstream Wave Setup Guide
Before following this guide Set up a PBX Extension or SIP Trunk in the My Account portalInstall the Grandstream Wave app onto your iPhone or Android deviceQuick Guide:Grandstream SettingMaxoTel SettingWhere to find it in My.MaxoExampleSIP User ID andSIP Authentication IDExtension UsernamePBX Extensions orSIP Trunks01023123PasswordExtension PasswordThe password is shown when adding or editing an extensionSIP (if using PBX Extension) (if using SIP trunk)Register Expiration (m)2 (minutes)WiFi OnlyDisableDefault AccountRegistration NotificationDisable
Cisco SPA Call Park String Example
If you are wanting to setup Call Park buttons on a Cisco phone, use the following Example for the Strings:For Parking a Call:fnc=sd;ext=700@;nme=Park CallFor Retrieving Call 1:fnc=blf+sd;ext=P701@;sub=P701@;nme=701For help setting up Call Parking from within your MaxoTel account, please follow our Call Parking Guide
Calls dropping after 30 seconds on NEC PBX
In some cases, a NEC PBX may drop calls in progress after they have been connected for almost exactly 30 seconds.  This issue is known to affect a broad range of models, including SV8100 , SV9100 and SL1100.The resolution is to enable "Pendantic Mode SIP" on the device, which can be done by following the instructions below.Instructions:Release Notes:Enable the Fix:Sip_Cust_Script_84-34-09=1_Enable_Pedantic.pcsDisable the Fix:Sip_Cust_Script_84-34-09=0_Disable_Pedantic.pcs
Network and Security Tools Policy
Network Security and Security ToolsCustomers agree to accept responsibility and liability for the security of and/or access to their networks and related systems. You must take reasonable and appropriate precautions to prevent any violations of your network and/or related systems security. Maxotel does not take responsibility or liability in any way for any violations of your network and/or related systems security, however caused. While Maxotel is responsible for the provision of your service, you are responsible for ensuring that adequate security in the form of virus protection and firewalls exist to protect your electronic data and computer operating system or the electronic data and computer operating system against and unauthorised or unwarranted intrusion Why is security software important? And what does it protect from?Viruses - Security software helps deliver protection that stops most viruses, such as Trojans and worms before they can infect your computer. Spyware - Security software can help prevent cybercriminals from hacking into your computer and stealing your personal information such as passwords. Information & Identity Theft - Security software can help protect you from software that may self-install on a computer, or be installed as a hidden component of another program. These programs generally enable information to be gathered secretly about what websites you visit, your passwords etc. Online Predators - Security software can spy on your children's website and social network activity, it can also block access to inappropriate material/websites where required. What should I use?Maxotel does not recommend any one piece of security software as everyone's needs are different Please review the smartest place on earth for such questions, Google and the Comparison of antivirus software WiKi.