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Making and Receiving Calls on Teams

Microsoft Teams users can utilise the Teams app or a dedicated Teams phone to make and receive calls.

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Microsoft Teams Apps

For detailed instructions on how to make and receive calls using the Teams apps, please refer to Microsoft's guide:

Yealink Teams Phone

Signing In

To connect the phone to your Teams account, refer to the phone screen and locate the sign-in URL and unique code.

On a computer or mobile device, navigate to the URL provided, where' you'll be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Account and provide the unique code.

Once complete, the phone will log in automatically (this could take up to 30 seconds).

Making Calls

To place a call, dial the phone number using either using the physical keys, or by tapping calls on screen and entering the number using the on-screen keypad, then tap

To place a call to a contact, choose the People button on the home screen or under then scroll through the list or tap to search for a contact. Once you've located the contact, tap to place the call.

Answering a Call

When receiving an incoming call, answer it by picking up the handpiece, pressing the speakerphone or headset button or tapping

Answering a Second Call

While on the phone and receiving a new call, you can place the first call on hold and answer the second by tapping

Ending a Call

While on an active call, hang up the handpiece, tap the speaker or headset button or tap

Transferring a Call

Call transfers can be performed in two ways, either blind (immediately transfers to the call to the desired party) or attended (allowing you to introduce the caller before connecting the call to the desired party)

Blind Transfer

During an active call, tap > Transfer > Transfer Now. The call is placed on hold. Enter the extension or phone number of the person you wish to transfer to and tap dial, or select a contact from the list. Tap to complete the transfer, or wait until the other party picks up and the transfer will complete automatically.

Attended Transfer

During an active call, tap > Transfer > Consult First. The call is placed on hold. Enter the extension or phone number of the person wish to transfer to, or tap

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