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Business Continuity and working from home

Published Mar 13, 2020

Lately, we've seen a rise in questions from customers asking how they use their MaxoTel Hosted Phone System at home. The answer: Just take it home!

The quick answer: Plug your work phone in at home.

This is the recommended solution because it requires no changes to your phone system. MaxoTel Hosted PBX has work-from-home built in!

Place any extension anywhere. Home, work, the moon - it doesn't matter (as long as you have reliable internet).

Follow these steps to work from home:

  1. Unplug the VoIP handset from Power, and Network. If it has two network cables, you will only need to take one of them (from the phone to the wall or router). If your phone does not have a power cable, you may need to order one from our Online Shop.

  2. Plug your handset into the Modem/Router (or between your computer and the Router)

    If you don't have a router or network switch at home, you may be able to connect your phone to your WIFI Network with the Yealink WF40 adapter. If your phone model is T52W, T54W, T57W, T56 or T58 then it already has Wifi support built in.

  3. Use it as normal, just as if you were you the office.

I don't have fixed broadband at home, and my desk phone doesn't support Wifi! Where do I plug my phone?

If you don't have fixed broadband and your phone doesn't have inbuilt wifi or the the WF40 adapter is not available to you, then you may need to consider using a softphone (application) on your iPhone or Android device. We recommend Cloud Softphone, but switching between your desk phone and Cloud Softphone requires the desk phone to be unplugged and switched off while the softphone is configured, otherwise incoming calls to your extension will not ring.

Using a Softphone on your Mobile Phone

If you wish to use your existing extension number at home:

  1. Turn off your existing VoIP Handset
  2. Install Cloud Softphone app on your phone, using this guide.
  3. NOTE: Your desk handset must be switched off in order to active the "Cloud Softphone" toggle on the PBX Extensions page in the My Account portal.
  4. Remember to disable Cloud Softphone using Settings -> Reset Application when you wish to use your deskphone again, otherwise you may experience issues receiving calls.

If you wish to create a new extension number for your Cloud Softphone app, then you only need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Create a new Extension on the PBX Extensions page of the My Account portal.
  2. Install Cloud Softphone app on your phone, using this guide.

Cloud Softphone Usage Guide - Click Here (calling, transfer instructions).

Using an Additional Phone with Hot Desking

If you have an additional Yealink phone, you can move your extension between handsets using Hot Desking. You can also use Hot Desking to log your existing Yealink phone out of your extension, to allow it to be used with Cloud Softphone instead.

Hot Desking is enabled by default. You can log out of your phone by dialling *56, and you can log back in by pressing the login button. See here for more information on Hot Desking.

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