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Public Announcement Built-In

Make announcements across the campus using the speakerphones built into the handsets. Announcements can be made from any handset attached to the system, or restricted to specific handsets.

This can be combined with dedicated loudspeakers or tethered to your existing PA speakers.

Define announcement zones to broadcast to different areas around the campus, using any combination of loudspeakers, PA speakers, and handsets all at once.

Internal-only handset options for classrooms

Restrict dialling options from certain phones. Prevent classroom phones from making external calls, while still allowing them to call the office, or between rooms.

Further, international dialling can be disabled or restricted to certain phones in faculty areas.

These features prevent any unexpected or unwanted use of the system, and make it easier to ensure relevant school policies are enforced.

Centralised Handset Management

Manage the configuration of handsets from our online portal. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to assign function keys for features such as BLF, speed dial, intercom, PA announcements and more.

Changes take effect within seconds, making it easy to demonstrate changes to users while you're talking to them.

This makes the system easy to support from anywhere, without needing to physically go to the handset. Our support team can even provide configuration assistance over the phone.

Schedule Holidays and Pupil-Free days

Built-in timeswitch functionality lets you schedule in messages and diversions for pupil-free days, school holidays, and other special occasions.

Save time for the admin team by scheduling in an automatic announcement for pupil-free days, or re-route calls to voicemail, mobiles, or other phones around the faculty during holiday periods.

MaxoTel is here to help

We're here to help education providers stay connected and provide its students with quality education.

Our support staff can help you achieve your communication goals, from setting it up to trouble shooting.

Available all over Australia during business hours, MaxoTel support staff are lightning fast and happy to help whenever you need it.

1. In most cases, we can set your service up same-day using call diversions and mobile apps. Some parts of the setup will take longer, such as shipping phones, and porting phone numbers. Please see our Support Centre for more information on lead times.

2. Our average answer time on our support line is just 12 seconds. This is an average, and may be higher during peak periods. Answer time data sampled across January to March 2020.

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