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Channel partner benefits

Generous up-front and ongoing commissions
When you refer a new customer to MaxoTel, you'll receive a referral comission of their entire first month of fixed monthly fees.

From then on, you'll receive a trailing percentage of the monthly fees and calls on an ongoing basis, for the life of the customer's account.

Commission percentages are calculated on a sliding scale based on the number of customers you refer, so as you refer more customers, the amount of commission receive increases exponentially.
Quick and Easy Payments
Simply refer customers to MaxoTel, then claim the referral in our online Partner Portal. You'll then start receiving commissions both up-front and on an ongoing basis.

The commission payment process is completely automated. Our system will raise an invoice to MaxoTel on your behalf, then issue the payment via bank transfer.
No on-going support required
Once you've referred a customer to MaxoTel, we provide them with with the same level of service as our regular direct customers.

MaxoTel handles all setup, billing, support and management services on an ongoing basis.

While we still encourage our partners to remain engaged with their referred customers, MaxoTel will always be here to provide support when they need it.

Channel Partner Portal

Our Channel Partner Portal allows you to quickly and easily claim referrals, as well as monitor your ongoing commissions.

Why partner with MaxoTel?

Over 10 years of experience

Founded in 2008, MaxoTel has been a leader in the telecommunications industry leader for over 10 years. We’ve grown from a small provider to one of the largest independent telecommunications providers in the country, with over 10,000 active users.

A leading innovator

MaxoTel’s products are developed in-house, with a key focus on innovating to meet the needs of Australian businesses. Our extensive feature list includes a number of industry firsts and exclusives. "Main number Callback", "Voicemail to Text", "Smart time switches" are just some of our recent innovations.

Calls answered in under 1 minute

Telco's in Australia have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to support. Waiting on hold for up to an hour to talk to someone is, sadly, not an uncommon scenario. MaxoTel is different - our average answer time is under 1 minute, so you can rest assured that we're easily reachable whenever you need us. Give us a call on 1800 12 12 10 and see for yourself!

Australian-owned and operated

MaxoTel is an Australian-owned business with a Local Support Team. We are based in Toowoomba, Queensland, with our core infrastructure operating in Sydney.

Low cost of entry, low risk

MaxoTel provides our partners an opportunity to enter the highly lucrative VoIP market with very low capital expenditure and virtually no risk. Leverage our investments in infrastructure and innovation as a quick and easy way to start providing VoIP services to your customers today.

We're different

VoIP is our passion, and we listen to feedback regarding our products and services - that's why we lead the way with our impressive customer portal and unique features. We want to offer the best product to our wholesale customers and their customers.

A broad product portfolio

MaxoTel offers a comprehensive range of voice and complementary services. In our years of experience serving the market, our product portfolio has expanded to meet ever-changing demands. Whether you need Hosted PBX, SIP trunking, Virtual Fax, Conferencing, SMS or other related services, MaxoTel has you covered.

Competitive, scaling rates

For established Voice Service Providers who maintain their own infrastructure, Maxotel provide a competitive and reliable Wholesale Call Termination Service. To discuss minimum call commitments and pricing please contact our sales team on 1800 268 863 or email

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