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Comprehensive, searchable
call audit history

Our cloud-based portal keeps a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute history of your call history, which you can search and filter. Simply enter a client’s phone number into the call history tool to get a complete list of calls to or from them over a selected time period.

The portal also provides tallies of call counts and durations, as well as the option to export to Microsoft Excel. This makes billing and auditing for phone-based client contact a breeze.

Your call history is retained on our system for 7 years, facilitating compliance with applicable audit requirements.

Cloud-based call recording of all calls

Using the optional call recording add-on, all of your inbound and outbound calls will be recorded to our cloud-based service. You can search through, listen to, and download your recordings any time.

Recording can be disabled or paused on a per-call basis using feature codes.

We also provide the option of syncing to Dropbox, Google Drive, or FTP.

Our commitment to provide you with Australia's top Hosted PBX

Remain in touch with and customise the experience of clients and colleagues.

We are committed to helping you setup and troubleshoot your service to provide the best call flow for your legal team.

Our staff are lightning fast and ready to provide support and advice all over Australia during business hours.

1. In most cases, we can set your service up same-day using call diversions and mobile apps. Some parts of the setup will take longer, such as shipping phones, and porting phone numbers. Please see our Support Centre for more information on lead times.

2. Our average answer time on our support line is just 12 seconds. This is an average, and may be higher during peak periods. Answer time data sampled across January to March 2020.

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