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Grandstream BLF Configuration for Timeswitches and Call Parks

This guide will step you through the necessary changes to your Grandstream GXP handset to allow BLF control of call parks and time switches.

This guide applies to Grandstream GXP series handsets.

As the MaxoTel Hosted PBX utilises text in the BLF values for Time Switches and Call Parking, some entries need to be added to the Grandstream's dial plan before these will work.

To configure the Grandstream, first retrieve the IP Address so that you can log into the 'Web Configuration' via your computer. To do this, Press the 'OK' button in the middle of the D-Pad then >system>Network>static IP. Retrieve the IP address, then enter this into your web browser.

Once you are on the Web Configuration page enter the username and password. By default the username will be 'admin' and the Password will be 'admin'.

Once logged in, select Accounts, then Account 1.

Required Changes

In the Dialplan section, add a new entry, and enter the following, then click save:


Add another new entry, and enter the following, then click save:


If you're on an older firmware, where the dialplan is presented as a string, update the string to include:

T\*x+ | *98\Px+ |

Note: Note that you should only add the above to the existing string, between the {}, rather than replacing the string with the above.

On some firmwares and phone models, including those where you're unable to save the above dialplans, it may also be necessary to disable the dialplan for the multi-purpose keys. To do so:

1. Enable the option under Advanced Settings -> Call settings -> Display soft keyboard => Yes, then save and apply.
2. Disable the dial plan under Account -> Call Settings -> Disable Dial Plan -> Check MPK & Click2Dial then save and apply

You may also need to set 'Force BLF Call Pickup by Prefix' under Account -> SIP Settings -> Advanced Features -> BLF Call Pickup.

Adding a Key

Once the above have been completed, you can proceed to configure your multi-purpose keys.

Navigate to Settings, then Programmable Keys and Multi-Purpose Keys

Call Parking

Create a new key of type Call Park, with the value set to your call park number (eg. 700)

Create a new key of type Monitored Call Park and set the value to PXXX, where XXX is the parking lot number (eg. 701). Repeat this step to monitor as many parking lots as required.

Time Switches

Create a new key of type BLF, and set the value to TXXXXX, where XXXXX is the unique ID of your favourite.

Important Note

On some Grandstream firmware versions, BLF monitoring may get 'stuck' in a particular state. For example, your handset may show someone being on the phone when they're not.

Please try updating your firmware per the Grandstream's website to see if this resolves the issue.

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