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Virtual Fax Troubleshooting

When using our fax service, we log any failed faxes with an error message to help diagnose any failures. These are displayed in the fax inbox, which you can find by logging in to, selecting Other Services, then Virtual Fax, and hovering over the Failed notification for any faxes. They'll also be sent on any emails from the virtual fax system.

Below, you'll find a list of common errors and their explanations.

The call dropped prematurely

This error can occur when the fax receives a call from a device other than a fax machine (eg. Mobile phone callers), or if the call is disconnected (usually as a result of the far side hanging up), while the fax is in progress.

Error negotiating T.38We were unable to establish fax transmission with the far end fax machine.
Disconnected After Permitted RetriesThe system tried to send the same message several times without acknowledgement from the far end machine.

In each of the above cases, the issue resides with the far end fax machines, or are a result of people calling a fax line accidentally.

We're not able to gather additional information on the faxing failures, however there are some things you can try:

  • Ask the far end to use a different fax machine or fax line to send their fax
  • Have the far end check their baud rate and error correction modes. Changing these may result in better performance.
  • Contact the far end via another method and ask them to email the file.
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