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Caller ID Selection by Dial Code (Caller ID Toggle)

You can set the caller ID of your extension (phone) by using the *88 prefix. This is known as Caller ID Selection, or Caller ID toggle.


This feature enables you to quickly and easily change the caller ID that you use for outbound calls.

This feature is very useful in a number of scenarios:

  • Choosing whether to show the company's main number, or your direct number on outbound calls
  • Calling using your mobile's caller ID when calling people who may not know your work number and may not answer otherwise
  • Calling "on behalf of" another office in your company, and displaying their local caller ID
  • Outbound calling as part of a dialing campaign that uses a specific caller ID

Using the feature

To do so, dial the following from your handset:

*88<Number to use as caller ID, including area code>

For example:


This would set your caller ID to 02988888888.

Once you change your Caller ID, it will persist until you change it again. You may do so either by dialing another *88<Number> or by changing it on the "PBX Extensions" page in the portal.

Allowed Caller ID's

Note that only Valid Caller ID's authorised on your account may be used. If you try to set a caller ID that cannot be used, you will hear an error message in response to dialing *88.

  • Note: 1300/1800 Numbers cannot be presented as Caller ID in Australia. International Numbers caller ID presentation is not guaranteed.

For more information about acceptable caller ID's to be used with this feature, please see Valid Caller ID.

Tip: Using Speed Dials

A quick and easy way to use this feature is to set up speed dials for your commonly used caller ID's.

For example:

Speed Dial Button 1: "Main Number" - *88<Company main number>

Speed Dial Button 2: "Direct Line" - *88<Your personal DID>

This configuration would make it quick and easy for you to toggle between caller ID's before making an outbound call.

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