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Support Centre My Account Portal Time Switch Setup Adding a Christmas Message or Public Holiday override to your Time Switch

Adding a Christmas Message or Public Holiday override to your Time Switch

Check out the video below for information on how to add a new or existing sound file to your Time Switch during a holiday period.

This video assumes you are just modifying a Time Switch. For information on the set up of a new Time Switch, see Time Switch Setup

To begin, login to and select Hosted PBX > Time Switches from the menu, locate the timeswitch the conditions should be applied to, then click Edit.

To add a new scheduled override, choose the Date Overrides tab

To use one of the pre-defined holidays (eg. Christmas and New Year), set the toggle to ON. This will default to the standardised public holiday dates and your pre-configured Holiday Hours.

You can change the dates this applies for if required simply by clicking in the date field/s

Note: If you haven't already setup your default holiday hours, you'll be prompted to do so now. The most common default is a single rule, triggering at 12AM, which routes callers to a sound event announcing the business will be closed. For further information, please see the Configuring Holiday Hours section of the Time Switch Setup guide, or for more information on sounds and announcements, please see Portal Guide - Sounds and Sound Events

Once you have enabled your public holidays, click Save.

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