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Broadcast a message to an internal extension with Intercom/Page/Auto Answer.

What is Paging?

Paging allows you to call an extension on your PBX and have it automatically answer on speakerphone.

This is very useful for announcements, or contacting people who may not be within reach of a phone (for example, in a busy office or a workshop).

How to Page an Extension

You can page an extension, simply by dialling * before the extension number.

For example, to page extension 101, you would dial *101.

How to Page all extensions

You can page all of the extensions on your PBX simply by dialling *94.

Quick Paging on Yealink Handsets

If you're using a Yealink handset, you can quickly page someone simply by pressing * then pressing their speed dial button.

Paging a Group of Extensions

You can specify groups of extensions that should be paged, using the Page Groups feature on the My Account Portal

To setup a page group, please see Portal Guide - Page Groups

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