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Support Centre Troubleshooting Articles Grandstream DP752 - Retrieving the Base IP Address

Grandstream DP752 - Retrieving the Base IP Address

Sometimes it may be necessary to retrieve the IP address of the DP572 base, for example to access the configuration or when troubleshooting with our team.

To do so, on a paired Cordless Handset, complete the following steps...

  1. Press the MENU or OK Button to open the main menu
  2. Select the Information icon
  3. Select the Base Status Option
  4. Take note of the IP Address displayed on the screen

On your computer, complete the following steps...

  1. To access the phone's configuration, type the IP Address into your Web Browser Address Bar (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.):
  2. Log in using the default username of admin and the password printed on the underside of the base.

If you don't yet have a handset paired to the base station, please see Pairing Grandstream DP722 and DP730 with DP752 Base Stations

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