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Working From Home

What's required?

Your MaxoTel Hosted PBX service comes with working remotely and working from home capability right out of the box, all that's required is an internet connection or mobile phone with available data.

Regardless of where you connect in from, you'll still be connected to the same phone system. This means your incoming calls can still be passed to your phone, or that other team members can still contact you using your extension number. Any outbound calls you place will show as your business number, preventing clients from calling you back on your personal phone.

How do I start working from home?

There are three common approaches to working from home, and which you use will depend on your specific circumstances. You're not bound to using just one - for example you may choose to use hotdesking for your office admin, and cloud softphone for your sales team.

Take your phone home

Using this option, you can simply disconnect your existing work phone, take it home with you (ensuring you remember to also take the power and network cables), then plug it back in.

For more information on this option, see Handset Mobility - Working from Home or Remotely

Use a spare phone with hotdesking

If you have a spare phone available, you can connect it at home, and leave the phone you normally use in the office. This method has the advantage of being able to seamlessly switch between your home or office, and can be a great solution if you may unexpectedly need to work remotely.

To find out more about hotdesking, please see Using Hot Desking

Use an app on your mobile

If you can't can't take your phone home, and don't have a spare phone available, you can use an app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android). This app is a stand-in for your physical desk phone using your mobile's data or available WiFi network, and has the added benefit of being able to come with you should you need to leave for any reason.

For details on setting up and using Cloud Softphone, see MaxoTel Cloud Softphone

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