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The SMS API facilitates sending messages, and accessing resources such as SMS Inboxes and Messages (planned).

In order to access this API method, please ensure you have correctly set permissions for the relevant API Key. See Creating a new API Key

Base URI and Endpoint

Base URI:

Endpoint: sms/send

Permissions Required

SMS/Send Messages

The API example below is called via standard HTTP GET request, however all parameters can be posted or included in a JSON array.[key]&origin=[sender id]&destination=[to number]&message=[uri-encoded message]

or to send from a particular SMS Inbox, use the smsInbox parameter as the resource in the URI as follows:[smsinbox]/send/?key=[key]&origin=[sender id]&destination=[to number]&message=[uri-encoded message]

Supported Parameters


Supported Values




The API key from My Account Portal



Virtual Mobile Number
Verified Mobile Number
Valid Sender ID


Additional Sender ID's can be validated in the My Account portal


AU Mobile Number


A valid 10 digit AU mobile number beginning with 04

messageURI-Encoded TextYesCheck the GSM standard for information on maximum length, and unicode characters. Unicode characters are supported, however they will reduce the allowable maximum length of the message. Multiple message parts will result in an increased cost of the final message.


The SMS Inbox ID


Sending from an SMS Inbox is a good way to keep your messages organised, and allows you to more easily retrieve and delete them later. To get a list of SMS Inboxes on your account, see sms/list. SMS Inboxes allow easier grouping of messages for different business units and help keep messages separate in the My Account portal.

API Responses

Successful Response
A successful request to the API will result in a HTTP 200 response, with a json object containing status:1

The ID of the message is returned (smsid), as well as the number of message parts and the price charged.

{ "status":1, "request":"sms\/send", "smsid":1980554, "parts":1, "price":0.1 }

Successful Response - Result

For JSON The following parameters are returned



smsidUnique ID of the message
partsTotal number of message parts sent and charged
pricePrice in Dollars

Unsuccessful Response

An unsuccessful request to the API will result in a HTTP response other than a 200 OK, and json with status:0.

Examples of unsuccessful HTTP codes include 401 Unauthorised, 404 Invalid method, a 400 Bad Request/Incomplete request, or 403 Forbidden if the supplied key has insufficient permissions for the method or resource.

An example of a validation error where the destination number was not valid.

{ "status":0, "request":"sms\/send", "error":"VALIDATION", "reason":"Sending to International numbers is not supported" }

As further functionality becomes available, full permissions, functions, and API descriptions will be available in our upcoming developer portal.

For further assistance with any API CDR related queries, please reach out to MaxoTel support.

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