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Bandwidth Requirements

For each concurrent call, you will need 90Kbps of both upload and download bandwidth capacity.

Note that this article only discusses concurrent calls, not users. Even if you have 100 users, if only 10 of them are on the phone at any one time then 10 concurrent calls of bandwidth capacity will be sufficient.

You can calculate how many concurrent calls your internet connection will support, simply by dividing it's lowest bandwidth direction (typically upload) by 90Kbps.

Capacity by connection type

Below is a table of maximum the maximum number of concurrent calls that can theoretically be made on each connection type, based on their theoretical maximum bandwidth capacities.

This should be used as a guide only, as actual speeds and capacity will vary depending on your location and provider. We recommend you Test Your Connection to see what your actual capacity is.

Connection TypeApprox. Max DownloadApprox. Max UploadMax Concurrent CallsQuality of Service (QoS)
Fiber Optic

1Gbps Fiber1GBps1GBps10,000Generally not required
100Mbps Fiber100Mbps100Mbps1,000Generally not required

40/40 EFM40Mbps40Mbps400Generally not required
20/20 EFM20Mbps20Mbps200Generally not required
10/10 EFM10Mbps10Mbps100Generally not required

NBN 100/40100Mbps40Mbps400Generally not required
NBN 50/2050Mbps20Mbps200Generally not required
NBN 25/1025Mbps10Mbps100Generally not required
NBN 25/525Mbps5Mbps50Generally not required
NBN 12/112Mbps1Mbps10Sometimes needed - See Quality of Service (QoS)

Typical30-100Mbps1Mbps10Sometimes needed - See Quality of Service (QoS)

Annex M20Mbps1.8Mbps18Generally not required

Standard8Mbps600Kbps5Recommended - See Quality of Service (QoS)

Telstra 4G/4GX50-150Mps5Mbps50Generally not required

Testing your connection

In practice, the speed of your internet connection will vary by area. We recommend that you Test Your Connection to determine the actual capacity of your internet connection.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service is a feature of most modern routers that priorities certain types of traffic over others.

For instance, if your VoIP service is sharing the same connection as other general internet usage, your a QoS capable router may prioritise your calls bandwidth requirements over other internet use.

Learn more about QoS

Compressed Audio (G729)

Note that you may choose to use the G729 audio codec, which compresses audio and will provide approximately 3 times the channel capacity stated above.

However, we do not recommend doing so, as it significantly degrades audio quality.

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