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Support Centre Frequently Asked Questions Internal Services Numbers

Internal Services Numbers

If you are on a hosted PBX plan, please see Dialling Codes for PBX-specific dialing codes.

1800 12 12 10 - MaxoTel Sales, Accounts & Support
50001 - Check Balance
50002 - Check Voicemail attached to your extension
50003 - Check another voicemail account
50010 - Last unanswered call/Call return
50012 - Echo test

Emergency Calls

000 - Connects directly to emergency services. You are advised to call 000 from a traditional landline phone or mobile, and not your VoIP phone.

Your MaxoTel VoIP service is a supplementary service designed to co-exist with your landline or mobile phone. Due to the nature of the internet, there are many outside factors that can cause calls to go wrong or not connect at all. For this reason, you are strongly advised to dial emergency numbers only from your mobile phone or landline phone.

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