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Voicemail to Text

When you receive a voicemail, it will be automatically transcribed to text. This is a standard feature of the Voicemail offering and is provided at no additional cost.

The transcribed version of your messages can then be accessed as follows:

  • It is displayed in the Portal under the Voicemail menu
  • It can be sent to your mobile number as an SMS Message
  • It can be e-mailed to you, along with the audio recording (as an attachment)

Use Cases

This feature makes it much easier to browse through your voicemails. It's often much quicker and easier to read a message than it is to listen to the recording.

Can I still access the audio recordings for my messages?

Absolutely! The recordings are still available via:

  • Download from the Portal
  • As an attachment to e-mail
  • By calling the Voicemail Number - see Dialling Codes

Enabling and Disabling Voicemail to Text

This option is controlled from the Voicemail Setup screen.

Learn more at Setting up Voicemail.

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