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Support Centre My Account Portal Time Switch Setup Adding a Date Override on Today's date

Adding a Date Override on Today's date

Timeswitch Date Overrides give you the ultimate flexibility when dealing with public holidays and future scheduled events.

This is made possible by ignoring all Regular Time Switch Conditions, and replacing them with only the Override Conditions.

For example, if your regular opening hours are 9-5, you could set up a Date Override to open 10am, and close at 4pm on a public holiday.

What if you're part-way through the day, and you'd like to close at a different time?
1) Even though the opening time has passed, you must add it first
2) Enter the closing time as a separate override date condition

If you save the Timeswitch with only the closing time, it will recalculate the day's schedule, and realise there is no opening time, so the switch will rewind to find the last thing that happened - which will likely be yesterday's closing time.

In conclusion, ALWAYS add the "opening" time for a date override when you want to close earlier today!

If you are going to be closed all day, only one date override is required - set it for 12:00AM

For detailed instructions on adding in an override, please see Adding a Christmas Message or Public Holiday override to your Time Switch

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