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Ghost Calls

Ghost calls (also known as phantom calls) are calls received on your handset that did not originate from the MaxoTel network. Typically these calls come in over your local network or internet connection and can be caused by a number of network factors.

Identifying Ghost Calls:

  • While the calls will appear on your handset's call history, they will not appear in your MaxoTel call history (as viewed in the Online Portal), since the calls do not originate from the MaxoTel network.
  • Often they will appear to come from numbers like 100, 101, 1001, etc.
  • There is no audio from the other end when answering.

Preventing Ghost Calls (Recommended methods):

  • If you have any port-forwarding configuration on your network that exposes ports on your VoIP phones or other SIP/VoIP enabled equipment on your network, we strongly recommend disabling this, or restricting the IP address range to only allow the MaxoTel network's subnets.
  • The most common cause of Ghost Calls is having SIP ALG enabled on your modem or router. We strongly recommend disabling SIP ALG in all cases.

Preventing Ghost Calls (Additional Measures):

While we strongly recommend securing your network with the above steps as the preferred method to prevent ghost calls, you may also choose to implement the following additional steps, which will also prevent the calls...

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