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Support Centre My Account Portal Number Porting FAQ Number Porting FAQ - Verification Options

Number Porting FAQ - Verification Options

When submitting a number port through the My Account Portal, you will be asked to verify the ownership of the phone number.

Based on the category of the port, two options are available:

  • Category A (simple) - phone call verification, bill upload
  • Category C (complex) - bill upload only

Phone Call

For a Cat A (simple, single number) port, the phone call verification quickly verifies the ownership of the number by calling it and providing a verification code.

To initiate this verification, enter the phone number, provider and account details, then click the Phone Call button.

Answer the phone when it rings, enter the verification number provided and click save.

If the verification code matches, the number is now verified and you can proceed with submitting the number port.

It's important to note that phone call verification requires you to be able to answer the phone directly. If the phone number you're porting is currently going to an IVR, for example, you will need to instead use the Bill Upload verification.

Bill Upload

On all Cat C (complex) ports, or any Cat A ports you're unable to verify by phone call, a bill from your current provider can be uploaded for manual verification. This bill needs to clearly show your name or business name, your account details with the current provider, along with each of the numbers being submitted for a port. If your bill does not show your phone numbers, please contact your current provider and request an itemised bill.

To upload, fill in your phone number, provider and account details, then click the Bill button.

In the Bill Verification section, locate the phone number the bill applies to, then click Choose File and locate the file on your computer. If you need to add more than one file, click the +Add Another File button.

Once the upload has completed, please proceed with submitting the number port.

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