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Using a 4G wireless connection for redundancy

MaxoTel recommends always having a redundant internet connection wherever you are using VoIP services.

A popular choice is to use a 4G internet connection as the backup.

Key considerations when using 4G:

  • Many broadband NBN and ADSL routers have a USB port that supports the attachment of a 4G dongle. This is generally much better than using a separate 4G router / WiFi as it will fail over automatically
  • In our experience, the Optus network may sometimes block or otherwise interfere with VoIP traffic. We do not recommend using it with our service. See: Cannot connect over Optus 4G
  • We have a number of customer using our service over the Telstra 4G network with excellent results.
  • Bandwidth capacity on 4G can vary by location and over time. We recommend testing the link speed at your location. You will need at least 90Kbps upload and download for each concurrent call. See: Bandwidth Requirements

There are alternative options to protect against an internet connection failure.

Please see What happens if my internet connection drops out?

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