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Support Centre Frequently Asked Questions What happens if my internet connection drops out?

What happens if my internet connection drops out?

Your desk phones require an internet connection to function. In the event that it drops out, there are a number of ways to keep your calls flowing...

Redundant Internet Connection

We always recommend having a redundant internet connection in place where possible. It's always better to use a different type of connection to your primary link, for example, if your main link is NBN, you could use a 4G connection as your backup.

See: Using a 4G wireless connection for redundancy

Automatic fail-over

As part of setting up your system, we recommend configuring "divert when offline" configurations on each of your extensions. This will ensure you will continue to receive calls to your extension in the event that your internet connection drops out.

Note that if you are using Queues or Ring Groups, you will also need to add appropriate fail-over configuration to those too. Diverting to mobiles, external numbers or going to voicemail are suitable ways to ensure your calls are received.

Manual fail-over

A popular option is to have your calls route to staff member's mobiles instead (with an announcement telling them the call is from the PBX), but we have a broad range of other options available too.

Enabling fail-over

For instructions on configuring both automatic and manual fail over, please see Configuring Calls to Divert When Offline

Ask us

There are many ways your PBX can be configured for redundancy and fail-over. If you'd like to discuss your available options, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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