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Smart Call Confirm

MaxoTel Smart Call Confirm is a smarter way to manage callers in queues that ring external numbers.

Traditional "Call Confirm" systems will repeatedly call your mobile number with "Press 1 to accept the call", while Smart Call Confirm will announce the name of the call queue and provide you with a range of options to choose from.

Call Confirm Options

When you receive a call from the Smart Call Confirm feature, you will be presented with the following menu options:

Press 1 to Accept this Call

When you select this option - you will be immediately connected to the caller

Press 2 to Ignore this call (or just hang up)

This call will be ignored in this instance, however if the call comes back around again (for example, if the call is in a queue) then it may ring on your phone again.

If the call is in a queue, it will continue to ring on other phones in the queue. This only ignores it from your phone, not others.

Press 3 to Reject this call

The call will be sent to the "Timeout" destination (for example, a Voicemail box)

If the call came form a Queue, then it will be sent to the timeout destination for the Queue

If the call came from a direct diversion, it will be sent to the timeout destination configured on the external number (see Adding an external number for diversion)

Press 4 to Ignore all call confirms for the next 5 minutes

The call will be ignored and no further calls will be sent to your phone for 5 minutes. This option provides "Do not Disturb" functionality for call confirm.

After selecting this option, you will be given the option to increase the time period between 10 and 90 minutes but pressing the corresponding digit on the keypad.

Setting up call confirm

Call confirm can be enabled in two different places - either on a per-external-number basis, or on an entire queue.

Please see:

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