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Support Centre API Documentation API - Initiate Call

API - Initiate Call

The Initiate Call API facilitates click-to-dial functionality.

In order to access this API method, please ensure you have correctly set permissions for the relevant API Key. See Creating a new API Key

Base URI and Endpoint

Base URI:

Endpoint: calls/initiate

Permissions Required

Account Functions/Click to Call
Note: This function works for Hosted PBX Extensions only

The API example below is called via standard HTTP GET request, however all parameters can be posted or included in a JSON array.[key]&origin=[extension number]&destination=[to number]&autoAnswer=1

Supported Parameters


Supported Values




The API key from My Account Portal



Hosted PBX Extension Number


The calling extension (eg 101)


A valid phone number


NoAutomatically dials the number on the calling extension, providing a seamless click-to-call experience

API Responses

Successful Response
A successful request to the API will result in a HTTP 200 response, with a json object containing status:1 and callstatus:queued

{ "status":1, "request":"calls\/initiate", "callstatus":"queued" }

Successful Response - Result

For JSON The following parameters are returned



callstatusMust be "queued" to indicate that the request was successful

Unsuccessful Response

An unsuccessful request to the API will result in a HTTP response other than a 200 OK, and json with status:0.

Examples of unsuccessful HTTP codes include 401 Unauthorised, 404 Invalid method, a 400 Bad Request/Incomplete request, or 403 Forbidden if the supplied key has insufficient permissions for the method or resource.

An example of a failed request where the calling extension was not connected:

{ "status":0, "request":"calls\/initiate", "error":"UNAVAILABLE", "reason":"The extension is not currently available (not registered)" }

As further functionality becomes available, full permissions, functions, and API descriptions will be available in our upcoming developer portal.

For further assistance with any API CDR related queries, please reach out to MaxoTel support.

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